BYD Letter of Recommendation

August 18, 2020

Mobile Health Diagnostics

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August 13, 2020



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I had the opportunity to perform Quantitative and Qualitative fit testing over the course of two days for the one-size-fits-all - BYD DE2322 N95 Half Face Filtering Facepiece.  Based on my experience, the N95 that has been developed and manufactured by BYD exceeded my expectations for quality and performance in a one-size-fits-all N95 Filtering Face Piece. 


The biggest advantage of the BYD DE2322 N95 respirator is the design and materials used.  Employees experience a high level of comfort, allowing this particular N95 respirator to be easily worn by employees for significant periods of time.  Upon completion of our Quantitative and Qualitative fit testing dates and in my extensive experience with N95 Filtering Face Pieces, the percentage of passing fit tests for the BYD DE2322 is on par or higher than other comparable one-size-fits-all N95 Filtering Face Pieces on the market. 


When choosing a proper N95 for use in a workplace setting, you need to make sure that the N95 passes a fit test and provides proper protection for the hazards of the work environment.  In addition, you also need to put significant emphasis on comfort and the ability to perform the job responsibilities while wearing the N95.  The BYD DE2322 provides employees with all of the above. 





Matthew Massimino


Mobile Health Diagnostics


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