Rural Residents receive BYD Care

June 18, 2020

Fresno County residents confined to home, a room, or bed because of illness or incapacity have been receiving help in the form of BYD Care masks and sanitizer from the Fresno County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA)

The Personal Protective Equipment comes packaged with meals FCRTA is delivering to residents in the rural communities of Selma, Kingsburg, Huron and Firebaugh in California’s Central Valley. And, the deliveries come courtesy of FCRTA’s drivers. The service is necessary and fits the mission of FCRTA.

“We’re doing this because we have the ability and time,” FCRTA General Manager Moses Stites said. FCRTA delivers approximately 150 meals daily, Monday through Friday, to residents who would normally be transported to senior meal sites and or community centers. Those sites were closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the pandemic, Stites noted that ridership has plummeted. Looking to avoid layoffs, FCRTA looked for ways to fill down time. Delivering meals to those most in need was a perfect fit. Along its regular routes, FCRTA drivers pick up the food from schools, community centers, restaurants, grocery stores and food banks and delivers to those who are confined to their homes.

Earlier this year, BYD donated masks and sanitizer to FCRTA. Stites said those supplies were given to agency staff, including drivers, maintenance crews, and dispatchers. In addition, FCRTA shared those supplies with first responders in its service area.
“BYD has been a good community partner and we value that,” said FCRTA General Manager Moses Stites. “We appreciate them stepping up at a time like this.”